Sunday, June 15, 2014

Made by Me

At my school we have an annual fashion show. This year I had a little spring/summer 2014 collection shown. This is one of the dresses I made (crappy photo, I know). I'm showing it again at an art show next week and I'm really excited, especially because there'll be a professional photographer there.

Vera Wang Resort 2015


Here are a few looks from Vera Wang's 2015 Resort collection that just came out. I really liked the collection. It had a very bohemian feel to it. The thing I love about Resort collections is how wearable they are. They're a good mix between street wear and ready-to-wear. I think the best two words to describe this collection would be effortless chic. Very down to Earth looks with quirky touches. I didn't much like the huge flowers pinned to several of the looks, though they added something interesting to look at. The scarves tied around the models heads gave me a sort of pirate-like vibe, oddly enough, but it was a good vibe. I would have to say my favorite look is the bottom one pictured above. A simple brown cardigan, an adorable little floral dress, and a pair of loafers. It looks like something you would throw on the morning before an interview, or a coffee date. Like you woke up late and you have 5 minutes to get dressed, so you quickly shove on a couple of your favorite items, hoping they look alright together, tie a scarf around your head to distract from the fact that you didn't have time to do your hair properly, and rush out the door. Effortless, but it works.


I've always been a big Dakota Fanning fan. It started out with me adoring her because I thought she played the lead in The Golden Compass movie. I didn't find out till a couple years later that she wasn't even in that movie, but by that time I had already seen a couple other films featuring her, and my grandmother had given me the December 2011 issue of W that featured Dakota and Elle as cover girls. Loving Dakota, naturally I thought Elle was amazing too. I mean, how could a pair of siblings both be so perfect? Great lives, great style, gorgeous girls, I envied them to say the least. Now everyone's making a big deal of how 'Elle is outshining her sister' or whatever just because she was in Maleficent, which was an amazing movie, though I don't understand why it has to be a competition. They're both equally lovely. Anyways, I just loved Elle in this Miu Miu ad campaign. That is all.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vintage Dior


I spent my evening trying to find photos of 1950s Christian Dior clothing, because it's lovely and inspiring. It's harder to do than you would think, trust me. There aren't any websites specifically geared towards the brand. I was able to find an image here or there on a miscellaneous vintage clothing website, but there aren't any real archives. That bothers me, because Dior deserves an archive. His work was so classic, it oozes chic. I strive to be like Christian Dior. He truly was the most influential designer of the 40's and 50's. Don't tell anyone, but I like to think I'm the reincarnation of him. Ridiculous, I know, but it's fun to pretend.


I just wanted to make a blog to put my inspiration on. I thought a Tumblr wasn't enough, but a Wordpress was too formal so I'm just making this. Don't judge me, I know it's silly, but I'm doing it anyways.